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Little about me

Product/ Project Manager | AI/ML, Customer discovery, prototyping, Jira | MBA, MS Digital Technology, PMP, PSM 1

I am an experienced business analyst with 5+ years of experience, now a digital product manager. I believe technology solutions are instruments to drive change and progress in society nonetheless it's essential it empathises with the existing culture of its audience; a Product Manager optimizes this objective to benefit all stakeholders. My greatest satisfaction has come while involving myself in such acts, including the ideation and delivery of innovative solutions to arrest pockets of social discomfort.

Over the course of my professional life, I have worked in a wide range of businesses across industries including a stint in the public sector realizing benefits to stakeholders. I have developed skills in leadership, situational analysis, emotional intelligence, strategy development, project/ stakeholder/ team management, product development strategies, design thinking, etc. and I look to leverage all in my next post.

Some of my standout personal and professional involvement are:

  1. Led fellow undergraduate students to sell a final-year compendium that evolved into an autobiography web app.
  2. Collaborated with top government executives in conceptualizing and executing multiple academic initiatives to serve 7M+ students, ~45K teachers, and 19K+ schools.
  3. Member of Lagos State delegation to develop bilateral relationships in the education sector.
  4. Trained 100+ ministry staff to use technology software and trained 1,000+ new graduates in business planning strategies and ultimately integrate into the workplace.
  5. Project-managed 80 simultaneous unveiling events of school infrastructure across the State.
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My Educational Background

Here is a listing of the formal educational training that compliments my professional abilities

Boston University, Questrom School of Business, USA

Conferred Master of Business Administration - MBA; Jan 2023

Boston University, Questrom School of Business, USA

Conferred Master of Science in Digital Technology; Jan 2023

Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), NGR

Conferred B.Tech Honour in Architecture; May 2016

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified by Project Management Institute (PMI); Mar. 2023

Professional Scrum Master 1 (PSM 1)

Certified by Scrum.org; Sep. 2023

I'm an Expert in

Here is a collection of my main skills gained so far

Business Planning and Strategy Dev.

Financial Modelling & Analysis

Website Design and Development

UI/UX Design

Project Management and Microsoft Projects

Customer Discovery

Data Analysis & Visualisation with Power BI

Python, SQL & Excel for Data Analysis

Testimonials Notes

A pleasing review of my personality from clients and colleagues

Adebayo Alabi

Alabi Adebayo

CEO, Alabian Solutions Ltd

Damola is a resourceful person that is ready to take on new tasks and execute to completion.

Ruffy Omoko

Ruffy Omoko

CEO, Forge & Phonace

Am so impressed with Damola’s personality, work ethics and professionalism. We don’t have much people like this in Nigeria, who give their time and dedication to whatever task or project they’re being given.


Harry Obi

Partner, Gzel Mgt Ltd

Damola is one renowned business professional, who I can desicribe in three words: resourceful, innovative and enterprising.


Eizu Uwaoma

CEO, Hexavia

Damola has the most powerful work ethics. And with an ability to work unsupervised, he brings with him excellence and hunger for more. He definitely will be any partner or client's delight.

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My Portfolio

Here are a snippet of my education, skillset and work experience implementation

Product Research, Strategy & Development

Successfully led end-to-end development and launch of cross-border remittance fintech product – engaging fiat and cryptocurrency FX; taking it from idea through MVP to launch. Developed robust product research & strategy for $10b annual TAM, coordinated cross-functional teams, and oversaw an agile development approach to deliver a compelling product experience within a limited timeframe. Achieved early market traction and earned positive customer feedback.#fintech, #webApp

Product Strategy & Development

Product managed the digitalization of a paper-based curriculum manual into an interactive community-focused, capacity building, multi-channel web & mobile platform for more than 45,000 educationists in 20,000+ pre-tertiary schools across Lagos State. #Curriculum-eSchemes, #webApp

Product Strategy & Development

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop credit products targeting approx. 20m people annually who are new to America’s credit system; participated in early prototyping, user tests, validation experiments and MVP feature derivatives. My activities included developing product plan documents such as PRDs with acceptance criteria, design guides, business cases, user stories, project status report etc. to deliver new product experiences. #CreditKarma, #Early2Credit

Technology Strategy & Deployment

Collaborated in developing technology strategies to curb effects of Covid-19 on the education sector; resulting in novel integrated approaches to teaching and learning including online, TV & Radio lessons all estimated at USD$ 1.45m for 10 million children in Lagos State. #MinistryofEducation, #DigitalTransformation

PowerBI Data Analytics

I learnt to use Microsoft PowerBI to analyse, develop, deploy and automate big data contents for businesses. My second personal project is attached with this portfolio for your review. #PowerBI, #DataAnalysis

Project Management

The Lagos Comprehensive Schools is an innovative educational approach that is aimed at providing credible, multiple pathways to all children who enter the public school system. It will empower senior secondary school students with academic, vocational, and marketable skills that will ensure they are able to contribute meaningfully to the economy. #ComprehensiveSchool, #LagosState

Graphic Design

Business development and marketing has favorably provided opportunities for me to utilize my design training to communication marketing objectives for various organizations. The tools I use are CorelDraw, PowerPoint and Canva. #GraphicDesign, #BrandDesign

Financial Statement Analysis & Investment Decisions

In one of the Boston University courses I took, AC 814 - Financial Statement Analysis, I learnt to deploy python programming and cloud computing resources to source and analyse business financials for industries and use AI to make future predictions. I also learnt to analyse a business' model of operation and profitabilty through its financial statement and accounting practices. #MBAClass, #InvestmentPlanning

Entrepreneurial Adventure (University)

I was privileged to spend my last year in University with friends making other people’s experiences memorable. This project represents our memorabilia and a preview of our time together. Memograph is a student Compendium created for the graduating set of FUTA 2015. #Memograph, #FUTAClass15

Business Planning Service

I spent the last 5 years building and planning businesses, ideas, investments and projects. Consequently, I consulted with more than 100 businesses and individual clients and built an immense knowledge of competitive analysis, situation analysis, marketing/ sales strategy & tactics planning. #BusinessPlanning, #Consulting

Website Design and Development

I am skilled in developing websites for clients; using tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress. Some of the projects I have been involved with are Boston University's Department of Engineering, Boston University's Social Science Library, Lagos Comprehensive Schools, and my personal website among others. #website, #WebDevelopment, #FrontEnd, #WordPress

Architecture Design School

Architecture instilled the ability to plan human social activities and structure their behaviors in buildings according to the objective of the environment. I have designed a condominium, a cinema house, a factory, a multi-level car pack, a hospital and some duplexes etc. #Architecture, #UnderGraduate

Newsletter Adventure (Unversity)

In my second year in university, I pioneered a departmental weekly newsletter with the aim to educate, enlighten and inspire fellow students. #ArchitectureWeekly, #UnderGraduate

My Blog House

A view of my perspective on life

Product Strategy Ideas for a Retail Business using AI/ML Algorithms


Since I got to my neighborhood in 2022, I have been using Stop & Shop retail outlets and I’ve been able to observe the experience it offers through its various sales channels, including online pickups, register/cashier, and self-checkout. I’ve also taken the time to interact with both customers and staff.

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Reimagining Nigerian Education System with AI Technology


Having spent more than two decades as a student within the Nigerian education system, along with the thoroughly enjoyed management-level exposure I gained from working for Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo in the Lagos State Government Ministry of Education, I have had a front-row view of the conscious efforts by both state and school administrators...

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Digitzing Lagos State Government Processses with Technology Solutions

May 28,2023

I spent 3+ years in the public sector within Folasade Adefisayo's office in Lagos State Government, Nigeria. There I observed a problem I desperately wanted to solve but couldn’t because it was beyond the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education.

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